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Nintendo gave Apple a timed distinctive with Super Mario Operate, but ‘timed’ implies that it was bound to arrive on Android quicker or afterwards. Now, Android people can register in the Google Engage in Store to get notified when it is essentially obtainable, significantly like iOS people could prior to the game’s start on Apple’s cell gadgets.

The Engage in Store entry for Super Mario Operate functions a video clip preview of the sport, which seems very significantly just like Super Mario Operate on iOS. The game’s description outlines the identical functions, also, which include World Tour, Toad Rally and the Kingdom Builder. It mentions that a absolutely free demo will be obtainable quickly upon down load, with a set obtain cost unlocking the relaxation of the material, but it doesn’t particular mentioned cost, however it’ll likely be on par with the iOS edition.

Nintendo released Super Mario Operate on iOS on December fifteen, and has racked up about 50 million downloads for the very first cell Mario sport so much. It’s arriving on Android sometime in 2017, but judging by this pre-registration marketing campaign, it should be quicker fairly than afterwards.