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What are the key factors that drive app development cost? What aspects should one consider when selecting a mobile app platform? Our founder Taj Dhunay answered these questions and more in an interview with Clutch, the online authority on top app development firms.

“Most people go for both iOS and Android, but there are a few occasions where people do tend to do iOS first depending on their market base and user base, and then do Android. That way you get to see what kind of changes you should make if you need to for the Android device. That’s preferable, and people mostly do iOS. Also, the network of iOS users is bigger at the moment, but it costs more to market the app and acquire users. Android is a lot less commonly chosen than iPhone at the moment.”

The Q&A was part of Clutch’s new mobile app expert interview series, a helpful resource for buyers to learn more about the app development market.

Taj also spoke to the complexities of mobile app pricing. For example, the additional cost of developing the same app on a second platform:

“We don’t code something so it’s universal, we have to code each app from scratch. Everything is native programming, rather than a cross-platform, one fits-all-type of solution. If you had done iOS first and then you do the Android, it will take about a fourth of the time for the second app.  If it’s switched around and you want to do the iOS second, the same thing, it will be a quarter of the time more to do the iOS when you want to do that. The reason why is that when you do a second platform, you can replicate most of the features from the first platform, but then you’ve still got to code it from scratch. It does takes less time to replicate something rather than making the whole thing again. The back-end stays the same, so you don’t recode the back-end. You only recode the whole front-end side of things. So, it’s a bit less time, meaning less cost, but there’s still a cost.”

The full interview with The Sound Pipe Media and many more app development resources can be found at Clutch.