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Strapping a VR headset to my face and taking a seat on an exercise bike is not my concept of enjoyment, but enjoyment was accurately what was served up when I experimented with out VirZOOM’s system. A biking match was evident, supplied the input mechanism, but a flying pegasus and a tank match have been not. The video games have been the two eye-openers in phrases of taking exercise and VR, building it more than the sum of its pieces.

A timelapse video of yours truly clearly taking tank battling a tiny bit too seriously. War is hell, kids. War is hell.

A timelapse video of yours really evidently taking tank battling a small bit much too significantly. War is hell, youngsters. War is hell.

The business has been demoing its setup for a though, but the big news is that it is now probable to order the $399 VirZOOM bike controller for your personal enjoyment. You pair the bike up with Playstation VR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, and the VirZOOM Arcade program is cost-free to down load on the PlayStation Network and Steam.

The business introduced a partnership with Daily life Exercise, a model you will likely realize from a fitness center. The businesses have signed a co-marketing and pilot partnership to start the VirZOOM Module to transform current Daily life Exercise Platinum Club Collection and Elevator Collection Learn SE3 bike types into Virtual Reality bikes suitable with VirZOOM Arcade. The integration means VirZOOM program is in a position to obtain knowledge from Daily life Exercise bikes these types of as pedal speed, resistance buttons and heart charge to help VirZOOM gameplay. Tremendous good.

Pew, pew, pew.

Pew, pew, pew.

VirZOOM even further upped its exercise cred by announcing an integration with Fitbit, through the Operates with Fitbit program. The integration means that you are given credit for your VR bike rides straight in your Fitbit app, where by every session is logged as a exercise session, and includes duration, distance pedaled and energy burned. You can even further augment the expertise by wearing a heartrate-enabled Fitbit system if you do, the Fitbit heart charge knowledge will also be captured in your exercise log in the Fitbit app.

I’m not a notably big lover of VR and my hatred for exercise is the two sizeable and acute, but in some way this combo worked miracles. Being in VR where by your (virtual) life is dependent on out-biking an additional tank could just be the one issue that’ll make me pedal that small bit more quickly.

My one reservation is that headsets — and particularly in the general public locations that VirZOOM are now seeking to acquire on — can get rather damn gross rather damn quickly. Add half a gallon of sweat from an enthusiastic Tour De France-alike session to the blend, and I simply cannot envision the headsets will be beacons of hygiene for very long.