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Whilst Uber is combating Waymo at property, the American company is also acquiring troubles overseas. As Reuters documented, an Italian court has requested Uber to halt all actions in all of Italy. The court suggests Uber represents unfair competition for taxi drivers.

In unique, the court in Rome suggests that Uber is a transportation company but doesn’t regard transportation guidelines — fees are not set by the transportation authority. That was the primary contention position for standard taxi associations as they can not compete with Uber on price.

Uber has 10 times to shut down all its actions and can not run any promotion campaign. After that, the company will have to pay out €10,000 for every day if the company nonetheless operates (€3.65 million for every year). As of these days, you can nonetheless get an Uber ride in Italy.

Uber instructed La Repubblica that it will enchantment the selection. The company reported that the transportation regulation is outdated and doesn’t benefit Italian consumers.