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The Sound Pipe Media was recently named in Clutch’s publication of leading and contending app developers in the UK. For those that are not familiar, Clutch is a ratings and reviews service that helps buyers make informed decisions about B2B technology service providers.

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The ratings we have received were high on all of their scales. This rating was created by evaluating previous work that we did for our clients, how much the client spent to build their apps, and our overall market presence. The factor that differentiates Clutch is the client feedback they factor in. Of our six client reviews, 5 have been in the UK. Below is an example of one of our reviews:

Project summary:
The client is a boutique British software firm based in London. There was a need to develop applications for incoming client projects with the help of a development partner. Development work for three major projects was outsourced to The Sound Pipe Media. The work also involved design, training, and support.

Feedback summary:
The client is extremely satisfied with the work delivered by The Sound Pipe Media. They produced great work and were very responsive. There are no complaints to report. The Sound Pipe Media is highly recommended to others.

“They performed very well. All of their work is great quality, and they respond very quickly. They are an excellent firm that always delivered on time.”

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You can learn more about us from our portfolio and explore some of our other thoughts on our blog. Be sure to check out Clutch and their full coverage of UK digital companies.