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The League, a dating app that customers have to implement to be part of, has a new function that could assist with one of the most agonizing parts of the on the net dating course of action — asking yourself if someone’s intentionally ignoring you or if they just have not opened the app in a while.

Exclusively, The League is importing an thought from other messaging providers — go through receipts, which convey to you if another person has go through your messages.

I’m not a huge enthusiast of go through receipts in most contexts, but I can see the appeal here. They will not convey to you why another person all of a sudden determined that they never want to communicate to you any longer, but at least you’ll know when that’s what really transpired. (Cost-free guidance: When this happens, do not send an indignant concept asking for an explanation.)

In actuality, The League states this was the one most asked for function among the customers of its pilot paid membership plan. And of course, this is a function that you’ll have to pay back for — nonpaying customers (like me) will see a “check go through status” button in their conversations, but tapping on it just will take you to a page where by you can indication up for a paid membership.

A League membership charges $179.99 for a 12 months and contains options like profile comments and accessibility to a lot more prospective matches.

“Our aim is to build out a important membership plan that will work for the tremendous hectic, hard­working variety-A customers we are fortunate sufficient to have logging in day-to-day,” said CEO Amanda Bradford in a press launch. “Because our local community is more compact and tighter­-knit it implies just about every member will get to have a massive effect on our products roadmap.”