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When biking apps are thick on the floor, a complete gadget ecosystem is difficult to come by. Seattle startup Coros is on the lookout to alter that with the LINX, a helmet-app combo (with handlebar controller) that lets you pay attention to new music, choose calls, get convert-by convert directions and monitor progress created along your route. I have attempted it, and this point actually appears to be like a superior strategy.

Here’s the pitch: The LINX is an common-on the lookout helmet that has two bone-conduction speakers hooked up to the straps, a microphone up front and a battery and wi-fi unit created into the again. It pairs with your mobile phone and a handle puck that attaches to your handlebars, permitting you to pay attention to new music, choose calls, get convert-by-convert guidelines or health updates and a number of other helpful characteristics.

Critically, it also leaves your actual ear-holes (or whichever the technical phrase is) free of charge to hear traffic, squealing tires, pedestrians and all the other noises for which any accountable bike owner really should be on the notify.

Coros has been touting its gear in a confined way for a couple of months, but it’s hoping to choose issues to the future amount with a Kickstarter campaign starting tomorrow.


I fulfilled up with Coros co-founder Chuck Frizelle to check the gadget  (on the wonderful day observed over), then took it for a substantially longer ride of my personal (up to and through an old railway tunnel around Snoqualmie Move, if you are curious). See, I would not be squandering your time with a random Kickstarter except I knew it actually labored!

The helmet itself is indistinguishable from any other modern helmet it’s aerodynamic, delivers the common protection, has typical adjustable straps and arrives in a range of hues. The only sign that there is anything strange about it is the pair of nuggets hanging by exactly where the chin straps diverge all-around the ear.

Those are the bone conduction speakers, and though it takes a bit of fiddling to get them in the sweet place, they work just great and will not bounce all-around if you have received the point on right a standard strap would also remain a lot more or a lot less firmly against your temple. I discovered the helmet as cozy as any other, and the speakers by no means squeezed or chafed.

image-coros-linx-smart-cycling-helmet-woman-side-profileOf class, the seem is not particularly booming. The limits of bone conduction signify you will not be receiving substantially bass, but beats came through all the exact same, just attenuated. Mids and upper mids are plenty audible, and the several artists I listened to sounded great. More importantly, I was also capable to hear other cyclists contacting out, cars and trucks approaching, my personal bike working very well (or not) and other auditory cues critical to riding properly.

In my belief, this by yourself is a feature value obtaining for any bike owner who likes to pay attention to new music or choose calls whilst they ride. Regular in-ear headphones block much too substantially seem, and common Bluetooth bone-conduction headsets are not likely to be in stereo — and, for that make any difference, may perhaps pop out and get run over. Integrating this functionality into the helmet feels like the natural evolution of this tech actually, I’m astonished it took this prolonged to come about.

The speakers will work just as simple Bluetooth types, but if you are awesome you will load up the app (iOS and Android) and make the most of its other functions. The microphone is embedded in the front suggestion of the helmet, which struck me as crazy, but it turns out it is effective way greater than putting it on a strap or anything. Calls sounded great, and voice top quality from the microphone (we did a helmet to helmet get in touch with) was equivalent to other headsets. Primarily based on their exams and my usage, the battery really should final for at least a dozen hours (and most likely way a lot more) in advance of you have to recharge by means of USB.

coros_app2You can set up routes ahead of time to abide by with convert-by-convert directions, set it to notify you every mile or kilometer or the moment you have reached some other checkpoint and there is an emergency functionality that texts a call your spot and predicament if the app detects a drop. Sharing rides among the close friends and professionals, with ghost-racing performance, is prepared, as very well.

There is also a walkie-talkie functionality if you have numerous helmets synced collectively — helpful for teams or groups coordinating. Pleasant to know a number of seconds ahead of time if an individual wants to pull over, or if there is a convert coming up on an unfamiliar route.

All the details (except it’s paired as an common BT headset) actually routes through the handle puck, which you can use to solution calls, skip tracks, adjust volume and so on. There is not substantially to say about the controller — it is effective, which is about all you require it to do.


Coros didn’t style the LINX from scratch the business has been functioning with a big Chinese bike gear supplier to convey the device over listed here, with all the tweaking, redesigning, screening and app-building that involves. The Kickstarter campaign, which starts off tomorrow, is intended to, very well, kick-start off issues and get a superior batch of early adopters on board — but the helmet and tech are now created and the characteristics in location, so as significantly as I can explain to there is no motive to stress about broken promises.

Retail will be about $200, which is surely on the higher end for enthusiast helmets, but the early-bird orders will go for $100. Actually, for that price tag, I feel the LINX is a steal for any person who does a ton of serious riding or commutes to work — particularly if you tend to choose calls. It permits a ton of issues devoid of subtracting from security (though you will have to multitask a bit), and a number of of them collectively could make a ride with close friends into a safer and a lot more social experience.

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