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Every single 2nd in the U.S., an more mature adult takes a drop, accounting for additional than 27,000 fatalities from falling between more mature folks, in accordance to the CDC.

A company based in Haifa, Israel, however, is functioning on a way to avert these falls in the to start with area.

B-Shoe Technologies is functioning on a prototype for a shoe that senses imbalance in every step and takes advantage of a mini treadmill-like technique to regain equilibrium automatically.

The shoe combines a strain sensor, a microprocessor, a movement gadget, and software package to detect when the person may possibly be slipping and roll ahead or backward to avert the drop.

B-Shoe Technologies suggests the prototype is in the quite early stages, and that it plans to go into mass generation in the next two a long time, immediately after slimming down the design and style.