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If you’re lost in the E-Commerce wilderness, never fear! We’re here to help, with this handy list of our top five E-Commerce Apps for UK Market, each of which will make your online life that little bit simpler. The only thing that’s missing is an app that makes espresso, but we’re sure someone’s working on it.

The App Developers are UK based app development experts. We have created a wide range of apps and have recently seen a large increase in E-Commerce Apps for UK Market

1: Facebook

As well as letting us swap pictures of our cats, meals and babies, Mark Zuckerberg’s multi-billion dollar juggernaut is also one of the world’s largest e-commerce hubs. The free app lets you manage, maintain and monitor your business pages, right from your phone, so you’ll never miss an enquiry or order! This is our top pick of the e-commerce apps, and no smartphone is complete without it.

2: PPC Editor

This almost unbelievably ingenious little app makes keeping on top of your Google AdWords campaigns on the go a breeze. This pocket marketing dream has tools to allow you to monitor up-to-the-second live statistics on your campaigns, edit your budgets and pause, resume or cancel any campaign you like.

3: SEM Calculator

This handy pocket Search Engine Marketing Calculator features a host of tools and modes to allow you to get to the hard data on any aspect of search engine marketing. Featuring utilities for cost-per-impression ads, cost-per-action ads for click-thru and conversion, plus powerful simulation tools to let you plan your next campaign. This really is one to watch.

4: Ego

The ultimate web stats-tracking app, Ego lets you track statistics from all your accounts, including Twitter, Vimeo, Squarespace, Google Analytics, Feedburner and many more, all from one handy interface. For anyone involved in multi-platform marketing, this app is a real must-have.

5: SEO Search Ranking

The name may be a little uninspiring and basic, but the app is a real game-changer. This innovative tool lets you monitor your site’s SEO performance using Google’s live search data, and even lets you generate graphs and other analytic tools to really get on top of your site’s performance.

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