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As we’ve known for a while, Super Mario Operate is coming to Android just after an exclusive stint on iOS.

It’s… heading to be a while, even though.

According to a tweet from Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account, Mario won’t vehicle-operate his way across Android screens until someday in March.

Here’s the tweet:

Which translates, around, into:

The Android edition of “Super Mario Run” will be sent in March 2017. At present, Google Engage in is accepting signups to tell you of when delivery commences. Make sure you sign up.

So, why the delays?

It is possible additional of a contractual matter than a technical one. Super Mario Operate was built on Unity, a activity engine that is built with fairly straightforward platform-to-platform porting in brain. While porting usually introduces a great deal of troubles, it is not like they’re rebuilding the activity from scratch in this article. In the meantime, a launch window of March would signify Mario Operate was on iOS solely for around three months.

But before you toss out your Android device in get to get all of Nintendo’s mobile wares 1st, a heads up: it appears to be like Nintendo is attempting to unfold the adore a little bit. Its new Fireplace Emblem title, for illustration, will hit Android 1st.