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For many small business owners, the idea of developing a commercial app seems ridiculous. After all, what would a taxi driver, a newsagent or a butcher want with an app?

Newcastle cab firm LA Taxis may just be able to change your mind, however. Their new app lets customers book taxis with the touch of a button, and could revolutionise the whole industry as others race to catch up.

Apps allow you to give your customers better service, but they can also expand your market. Even for small local businesses, this can be a major money-making boost. In fact, small businesses that have close relationships with regular customers may gain the most from apps.

Imagine you’re a newsagent- with a cleverly designed app your customers can manage newspaper and magazine subscriptions online and even order in products that you don’t normally sell. By letting customers do business with you without having to walk through your door, you may be able to grow your business in new and surprising ways.

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