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Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said now on the company’s connect with accompanying its first-quarter earnings report that Qualcomm would continue on to get the job done with Apple as a provider regardless of a major lawful fight concerning the two companies.

“We intend to remain a fantastic provider to Apple even when this dispute carries on,” Mollenkopf said on the connect with. “Our preference is to solve consumer disputes with negotiation as a substitute of litigation, so it’s regrettable Apple has taken this path.”

In phrases of actually continuing doing work with Apple, Qualcomm executives stated that the deals it has in position are with their deal manufacturers. Qualcomm has signed agreements with those people manufacturers, which the corporation expects to continue on to uphold, though Qualcomm president Derek Aberle said the corporation would have to choose a “wait-and-see” technique for the long run.

“We would expect and hope that our licensees will continue on to comply with their agreements and Apple will not interfere with those people contractual agreements in position,” Aberle said on the connect with. “We obviously just can’t control their steps down the road so we’ll have to see how that develops.”

Apple recently submitted a $one billion lawsuit against Qualcomm over the phrases for its technology. Qualcomm’s practices have also been the subject of charges from the FTC. The corporation is one of the largest chip suppliers for smartphones — these types of as the Snapdragon processor — and depends on huge manufacturers like Apple for a major part of their small business.

“We really don’t imagine we have monopoly energy in the chip market or any other market, ” Qualcomm government vice president, normal counsel and company secretary Don Rosenberg said on the connect with. “We have under no circumstances prevented apple or anybody else from shopping for from competitive chipmakers.”

With that in head, Aberle said it did not expect the lawful fight to have an impression on the 2nd quarter. Next the preliminary lawful disputes, Qualcomm’s stock took a incredibly sharp dive. The corporation now faces a probably huge roadblock for its main small business, which saw some optimistic symptoms in its first-quarter earnings report as shipments of 3G and 4G units had been up eight %.

“If you peel aside all the arguments that Apple is producing, we imagine firmly that they are all without having merit, at the close of the day they want to pay a lot less for the technology that they’re applying,” Aberle said. “It’s very easy. Which is the motivation, again they wrap a great deal of things around that, which we think above time we will be in a position to plainly show is wrong. But in the close of the day they want to get to a decreased payment. We think that’s not appropriate supplied the benefit we have recognized.”

Wall Avenue was wanting for Qualcomm to produce earnings of about $one.eighteen for every share on $six.twelve billion in revenue, when the corporation said it gained $one.19 for every share on $5.ninety nine billion in revenue. When the effects came out a minimal mixed, the lawful fight concerning Apple and Qualcomm carries on to cast a large shadow above Qualcomm’s long run.

“We have a lengthy record of properly defending our licensing and tactics small business design, which have been examined around the world,” Mollenkopf said. We are incredibly psyched about the future and numerous alternatives straight in front of us. I am assured we will handle and get via the lawful difficulties underway as we have done numerous instances in the previous.”