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Pinguin is a new application that lets you chat with folks based mostly on your pursuits. Seriously into startups? They bought a home for you. Like you some programming? Proper this way, sir. Like food items? They bought a home for you. The group, Josh Purvis, Devon Woodruff, Vijay Kumar, and Bryan O’Reilly designed the application from he floor up with the requires of the online set in mind.

There are a couple of these apps – most a short while ago Shout – but Pinguin is aimed at supplying you particular subject areas of dialogue. Though these apps generally have an empty home problem I saw a couple dozen individuals in every home I visited. Some rooms, like #podcasts, are empty.

“We set ourselves aside from the other players with the distinct levels of communities. Within just our channels, we permit our consumers to chat nationally, domestically, or in the proximity of a particular function or location,” mentioned Purvis. “We desired to give our consumers the prospect to link to a broad local community for entry to the best information, when also supplying them entry to the folks that share their pursuits proper close to the corner. We really don’t see Pinguin as just a chat application but an prospect to develop real communities both inside of and outside the house of the application.”

They are totally bootstrapped and designed the task devoid of funding. They are about to open up a seed round and the application is offered on iOS and Android.

The group considers ordinary social media to be “thought vomit.”

“Twitter and Facebook didn’t assistance me a lot when I moved from center Missouri to Orlando, to NYC, to SF, and then to LA. There I was in these new cities with no good friends or family. All the degrees of connectivity didn’t assistance,” mentioned Purvis. “I experienced to find good friends and folks of interest the aged-fashioned way. To wander up and say, ‘Hi, I’m Josh.’”

Now he doesn’t even have to do that. With Pinguin he can meet foodies and programmers and pet dog lovers around the globe or in his metropolis.

“We consider there is a hole in the social room since the incumbents basically just cannot find the money for to focus on in a way that lets folks socialize close to their pursuits relatively than remaining tied to the folks they know,” he mentioned. And, if this application doesn’t function, they generally have the prospect to develop a Club Penguin substitute for more mature young ones.

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