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I’ve resolved to take a lot additional panorama images from now on, and Daydream Watch is the rationale why. Google’s new cell VR headset, which would make it doable to use Daydream VR in Android seven.one on the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, is an straightforward and fulfilling way to try out virtual actuality, and its most strong attribute could possibly be your monotonous outdated photograph library.

We’ve by now reviewed Daydream and coated how it could possibly be a significant move forward in phrases of mass VR adoption, provided it comes to additional Android components rapidly. But one thing that Daydream provides right now is a strong way to nearly move into your reminiscences, working with the normal Google Pics app involved in Android and any images you have captured working with either the Cardboard camera app, or with the normal Panorama seize mode in the inventory Android camera app

Viewing even narrower-angle panoramas in Pics in Daydream VR is a breath-catching expertise – actually in my circumstance. It does basically feel like you’re standing inside your reminiscences, and provided you captured them with a good camera to start with (most of mine were snapped with a Galaxy S6), they surface sharp and lively as well as everyday living-sized.


My only grievance with Pics in Daydream is not levied at Google – it’s pointed at myself. I have all over 6 photos complete that get the job done in VR, and I took a single of them yesterday. The others are the good thing is gathered from a couple cherished trips, and on the lookout at them in the Daydream Watch feels as close as I’ve ever arrive to basically stepping back in time.

This will be between the most hard activities to express to folks who do not have their have Daydream but who are fascinated in making an attempt a single out, mainly because it’s intensely particular, and involves that you by now have your have panorama photos and a Daydream VR headset/smartphone combo that makes it possible for you to see them in the VR Pics app. But have faith in me when I say that it’s basically spectacular, and a single of the Daydream characteristics that I consider will basically change my actions appreciably very long-phrase.

Now, I’m off to take some additional panorama photos.