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One Social

Project Details

One Social offers users a way to sign in using all the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Tumblr to read their timeline feeds. From here users can easily like and comment on content as well as invite others to join One Social to chat in one place

Post, like, comment, reply and retweet and send instant messages, all from one simple little phone app which makes your social networking life much simpler!

The best thing about One Social is the Reward Share Scheme. Its simple.

1. Login
2. Invite your friends via Social Networks
3. If they Join you Earn a Share.

With other social networks you do the work, and they get the money! OneSocial is different, because we give you reward shares for helping us grow.

When you download the OneSocial app we give you 1 reward share. You can earn more reward shares, just by inviting your friends to join OneSocial as well.

Download One Social today and don’t forget to Invite more people in.

Currently Facebook is only showing your own timeline due to API Updates. But if you continue to use One Social it will help us convince them to show your news feed.