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The Sound Pipe Media have recently decided to carry out an acquisition from a very popular company The App Developers for an undisclosed amount. The Sound Pipe Media have been been working with many large companies, and entrepreneurs building the future of apps.

Strategic acquisitions in businesses help massively to allow businesses to grow in areas that were not accessible to them. By acquiring The App Developers they can now increase their team size and put certain strategies in place in order become bigger. Moving forward, The App Developers and The Sound Pipe Media will be working together to specialize in social networking apps, gaming and entertainment apps.

If you are looking for the next app idea contact The App Developers for a quotation. They carry out operations from planning, wire framing, to design, development, launching and marketing. The Sound Pipe Media and The App Developers are currently working together now to create an ad discovery platform to help indie developers become visible on the App Store. The ad discovery platform will consist of social media marketing, cross platform marketing, user growth and traditional marketing to the general public

The App Developers modus operandi is to successfully educate all our clients on how iPhone App development and other smart phone app development can directly benefit you or your business. The company then offers a start-to-finish application development service.


see: thesoundpipemedia.com for more info