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Ahead of the Apple iphone 7 made dual lenses cool… no, scratch that, Huawei and Leica made it neat very first (and plenty other folks made it dorky). The final result of their collaboration, the P9, has marketed effectively adequate that the two firms are having their relationship to the future stage — transferring in with each other. In a joint research facility in Germany, that is.

The Max Berek Innovation Lab will be set up in Wetzlar, where the firms will conduct imaging research, but also do the job on VR and AR technological innovation. Huawei has dipped its toes into the VR planet with a uncomplicated headset introduced in April, but Leica’s lens tech will certainly be useful in making a far more whole-service providing.

You can certainly count on far more Leica-Huawei combos soon no matter whether they’ll adhere with the shade/monochrome program or shift to a numerous focal-size a person, or a thing absolutely various — effectively, presumably they’ll figure that out in the new lab.

Berek was a person of Leica’s earliest engineers and the creator of the very first Leica lenses, among other matters he died in 1949.