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Kodak accidentally teased an future telephone today in a now-deleted tweet. Fortuitously, the picture accompanying the tweet is also easily uncovered at Kodakphones.com.

It reveals what is presumably the ability button on this new Kodak telephone, embedded in a pleasant machined bezel and with a Kodak K stamped on it. But you knew that, considering that the image is appropriate up there.

You in all probability also know that Kodak will share the facts appear October twentieth. But it’s possible you missed that component of the headline or didn’t search all the way to the appropriate in the image. You do not have to recall this day, we’ll do it for you.

This is not the 1st Kodak telephone — the IM5 came out previous 12 months but didn’t exactly make a splash. It seems like they are going upmarket with this 1, which is unquestionably the way to go when you have acquired a prestige brand name like Kodak, nevertheless watered down it is at this point.