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As the global app development market grows, and companies search for the best programming talent, India’s thousands of overqualified IT experts are finally moving on from their call centre jobs and finding work creating the latest generation of apps.

The Indian market represents a new frontier for the industry, but UK app developers aren’t worried. Though the Indian market is growing fast, the UK app dev industry still produces the highest quality apps around, and that’s not going to change.

Because of India’s emerging consumer base and lack of regulations, it is thought that much of the increase in revenue will come from Indian localisations of existing apps, and from unscrupulous copy-cat imitations of existing apps.

There have been some concerns raised over quality issues with cheap overseas app development, but as our age grows ever more global, regulations are bound to begin to fall in line across the world. Until then, UK app developers need to continue to stand up for first-class work and show the international community that we’re here to stay.

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