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One particular of the places that Google talked up with regards to Android over and above phones at I/O this yr was in autos, and Android in the Car was the most important way it is increasing its in-automobile presence. The growth of its Android Auto computer software features deeper integration with automobile infotainment and local weather handle units, and putting Assistant front and middle for far more voice handle inside the automobile and out.

The method features Google Maps navigation, of course, as demoed in a Volvo V90 outfitted with Android in the Car specially for demonstration needs. But it also features easy obtain to your cabin AC and warmth, and you can ask the Volvo to basically great factors down or warmth them up to convert the air on or off. The Android-dependent OS also can handle home windows, the sunroof and far more.

You can also use Assistant-suitable smart property units from the convenience of your car’s cockpit by using voice instructions. Our guideline for the practical experience, Google Senior Product Supervisor Haris Ramic, showed us how this operates working with Hue gentle bulbs and a Nest learning thermostat, mounted for demo needs on a wooden backdrop meant to simulate your home.

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Generally, Android in the Car means that you can take a ton of your cellular practical experience with you, and now that Assistant is getting enhanced cross-system features and Google’s actually pushing it with builders, this really should be really good news for consumers.

We nonetheless have to hold out a when for this to get there in cars and trucks you can really invest in: Volvo suggests that it’ll be debuting on new cars and trucks someday inside two years, but it is not getting far more precise than that.