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Football run

Project Details

AntiBall™ Football Run combines the beautiful game with amazing superpowers! It is a free to play fun and exciting football action game – go on a thrilling ride with football hero Marco as he runs, jumps and slides to the rhythm of the Samba through the Copacabana!

Downloaded in 100 countries on both iOS and Android to date!

Five stars, iOS User – ‘Really enjoyed this game. Quite challenging and definitely worth a download!’
Five stars, Android User – ‘This is GREAT. My son and I love playing this game together. We compete to see who can get the most crystals. Great family game for guys and their sons

Navigate Marco through Copacabana Beach and evade obstacles by flicking up and swiping sideways.
Collect Crystals along the way and fill the AntiBall™ bar
Purchase PowerUps (Beast, Magnet and Shield) and activate them at any time
Beast – Unleash Marco’s inner Beast, both physically and magically! Run faster and stronger through obstacles, and shoot fireballs to take down any obstacles.
Magnet – Switch on Marco’s Magnetic field and watch those Crystals fly towards him. Footballers love to earn their bucks, especially in super quick time.
Shield – An invisible Shield surrounds Marco, ensuring safety from any obstacles. Like a team of defenders clearing the way.
Challenge yourself through various Missions to earn additional Crystals.

AntiBall™ Football Run is just the beginning, with many more powers such to be launched – shoot through obstacles, morph, soar, and turn invisible, among others.

The AntiBall™ concept will also be extended to Cricket, American Football, Tennis, Rugby, and many other sports!