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Courageous, the new internet browser company co-founded by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, has introduced a do-over on Android. The before version of the advertisement-blocking browser utilized an odd user interface involving floating backlink bubbles, which didn’t sit very well with all users. The design and style manufactured the knowledge far more cumbersome and bewildering, when what men and women truly preferred was an alternative browser with constructed-in advertisement-blocking together with privateness and security protections.

Now Courageous is out with a distinct version of its Android browser that gives a far more standard, tabbed browser knowledge.

For those unfamiliar, Courageous, backed by $4.5 million in funding, is mostly an interesting experiment in relocating away from the advertisement-supported business model of today’s internet, and the privateness problems it accompanies.

Its internet browser gives a assortment of security and basic safety functions, like guidance for encrypted info visitors through HTTPS Just about everywhere, fingerprinting shields, phishing safety, malware filtering and script blocking, in addition to its means to block cookies and advertisements. As a substitute of advertisements, the enterprise proposes that users right fund their favored internet sites as a result of constructed-in micropayments. (This aspect introduced into beta on the desktop previous month.)


But on Android, where users ended up at the very least interested sufficient to download the app over 50 percent a million situations, Brave’s interface turned off numerous early adopters.

When you clicked a backlink in the app, Courageous would load the backlink in the track record. It did this by way of floating “link bubbles” that hovered over top rated of the web site you ended up currently checking out. You could then drag these bubbles all over on the display screen to do items like share them, near them, or put up to Facebook, for example.

End users on Google Perform have been complaining about this user interface for weeks.

Said just one, “I loathe the backlink bubble UI soooooo much…please, Courageous, change to a frequent browser UI.” A further instructed building the aspect optional. “It’s tough to get to the base or top rated of the window with it, and it interferes with other apps,” they explained.


To deal with these issues, the enterprise has now introduced an alternative version of the browser that ditches these backlink bubbles solely.

When the outdated app will continue to be, the new version is a far more usual tab-centered browser, and will also guidance personal, incognito tabs, like Google Chrome. It will nonetheless carry the exact aspect set as the more mature app, which includes the privateness and security protections, like its pop-up and advertisement blockers, tracking safety, Https Just about everywhere, script blockers, 3rd-occasion cookie blockers, and far more. The app is also optimized to save battery and info consumption, as in advance of. (The just one exception is fingerprinting safety, which will hit a later release.)

The new version of Courageous is readily available on Google Perform and the Amazon Appstore. The enterprise does not have any latest programs to pull the original at this time, they explained.