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Palo Alto has a bike lock issue, and a pair of application builders and a designer took a shot at seeking to remedy that issue in 24 hrs in New York this weekend.

Eugene Tonev, Alexander Sivura and Yuri Dymov — now at health startup HealthTap — place collectively a product of the types of bike racks you may well see on the streets of Palo Alto. But this rack has a connected lock on it, paired with a social network, that can activate on demand. It is aspect of an application known as BikeParking.Club, which is a network for bikers that may well put in structures and locks like this to make certain they normally have a spot somewhere nearby for their bikes. All this was thrown collectively and essentially labored onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt New York’s hackathon this yr.

“You normally want to have all these chains, or buy two chains and depart 1 in business office or 1 in household,” Tonev states. “You normally have a lock all-around your locations. So, if you have chains almost everywhere, why share them [to make certain you normally have a spot somewhere].”

The prototype they showed onstage was a mock-up of pipes and plumbing pulled from Residence Depot nearby — but it is something that resembles what a lock network may well appear like in the real planet. End users hook up to the application, which can help them discover a nearby open up spot and then provides them the ability to lock their bike on the rack. The a few bike to perform every single working day, and that is why they figured it is a issue that likely needs an response at some level.

The massive issue is twofold, Tonev states: having plenty of places all-around that bikers can access and not having to have locks all-around almost everywhere to make certain all those bikes (with any luck ,) remain in all those places. So when a consumer installs a lock, they’ll automatically get access to the parking network all-around the town even though normally having access to a spot in the lock they installed.

“The lock is an entry level, soon after that — If even fifty percent of the [tens of 1000’s of cyclists] will put in that [in Palo Alto], we’ll immediately have something like 350,000 parking lots for bikes.”

It is a hack, of program, but according to the trio, HealthTap encourages them to try out new suggestions. Opening up the biking universe may well not be these types of a foreign notion for a healthcare startup, nevertheless the application builders abruptly having to deal with a components issue was a little bit of a taller order. So, who is familiar with where it goes, but at least when they fly again to the Bay Place they’ll have one more neat project to throw on their portfolios.