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Practically everybody on the planet owns some sort of smartphone or tablet. And because of the increase in their use and that fact that they’ve now become ingrained into the lifestyles of many, app development is on the rise. Before, it was sufficient enough for a business to have a website, and then when social media became prevalent, Facebook and Twitter brand pages were required. And thanks to that significant increase in smartphones and tablets, it’s now important for companies, brands and businesses to have their own mobile apps.

Both the App Store and Google Play are filled with millions of different apps that do a wide array of things – from games to fitness trackers, virtual assistants to retail apps and literally everything in between! When people say, “There’s an app for that,” it usually means it exists somewhere on both app stores. Even the most mundane app can have success, which is why so many developers are scrambling to find the next sensational app.

iOS vs Android Apps

You would think that if an iOS app is built, its Android counterpart would also be created at the same time. However, this isn’t always the case. As two of the most popular mobile platforms on earth, some developers sway towards one more than the other. Or, they’ll release an iOS app first and then build it’s Android one at a later time.

Although more Android smartphone models and tablets are available, iOS apps are more commonly used in search and commerce and usually bring in more revenue. Mandy developers like to start with an iOS app and then follow up with an Android app months later. But it really comes down to a personal preference with developers preferring each platform’s perimeters and capabilities over the other.

Even publishing an app is totally different experiences. The iOS developer program costs $99/year and a developer has to submit the app for review via iTunes and then wait anywhere from 4-6 weeks for approval. The Google Play Developer Console has a one-time $25 fee and once you submit the app to the Google Play Store, it’s readily available to the world.

The Future Of Apps

Apps improve lives and make it easier for people to interact with brands. And although there are so many apps already available that improve life in some way, there’s still many inconveniences in life that don’t have apps. So despite what many might think, there’s plenty of room for new apps.

Many retailers now offer customers the ability to purchase items from directly from their mobile app, making it convenient to shop on their phones, while other companies provide relevant services to their consumers so that they can bypass having to launch their browser, type in the company’s site and then have to maneuver the various tabs to get what they need. And as more and more businesses add mobile apps to their sales and marketing plans, the need for professional and knowledgeable developers will increase.

Also, as technology takes over our lives in the creation of more “smart” devices, the use of apps to control these devices will grow significantly, with many of them offering options for developers to enhance or build upon existing apps.

The App Developers have already been helping hundreds of businesses in the UK with their own apps and the orders keep coming in given the rise in mobile app development. Considered as one of the best UK app developers, we want to help businesses develop their investment and help measure ROI, which is why we’re always creating amazing and ground breaking app ideas for all of our clients.

Apps Aren’t As Difficult As They Sound

To many, building the perfect app may sound like a difficult task, especially if they’re trying to model one after the success of such popular apps like SnapChat and Instagram. While they certainly aren’t easy, they are doable. Some great tips on how to approach an app include:

  • Don’t overspend, despite the fact that you might want to. And, take advantage of apps that you can build upon since it’ll be cheaper than having to create one from scratch.
  • Make sure to have a marketing strategy on how to get users or your viral strategy because having a great app is only half the battle. You need to make sure people will want to download it and talk about it to make it become as big as Instagram or SnapChat.

So as developers continue to find that next big app, the public’s interest in mobile apps will only increase. Businesses are now seeing the value and ROI of having their own mobile app and in a couple of years it’ll become another standard in the business world. The mobile apps industry will only get bigger and better, we’ll continue to hold our place as the best app developers in the UK.