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There may possibly be a pretender in your future box of fruit, a faux fruit that tracks temperatures, motion and shocks to make sure your plums are sweet and tricky and your peaches are rather as can be.

Established by Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Resources Science and Technology, the project involves a 3D-printed apple that hides in with all the authentic apples and incorporates a range of sensors. It is coloured like an apple so handlers will not take care of that box with distinctive care and it simulates the real body weight, dimension and density of a authentic apple, ensuring that it precisely represents an apple in the wild.

The to start with product has an inner thermometer for measuring temperature adjustments, but you can feasibly things more sensors into its fruit-like guts. This robo-apple then hitches a journey with other apples in the wild and allows shippers to assess what occurs to their fruit in transit.

The project seems in the Journal of Foods Engineering and promises “A new fruit simulator engineered to intently match the thermal reaction of authentic fruit” and a technique for “artificial fruit that can keep an eye on fruit pulp thermal record during the whole chilly chain.” Interesting things in the fruital arts.