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TheAppDevelopers.co.uk have been acquired by The Sound Pipe Media recently in late 2014. Our pricing and costs are listed on the Clutch.co website. Clutch researches the Top App developers around the world. The Sound Pipe Media have been voted as one of the top 12 app companies in Europe.

Our pricing, and budget range for our projects are listed on here. http://clutch.co/profile/sound-pipe-media

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Clutch surveyed representatives from 12 leading mobile application development companies to determine cost ranges of building an iPhone app and the key variables of cost.

To learn more about mobile app development, visit Clutch’s App Development resources page.

How much does it cost to build a mobile application? Like any piece of software, mobile apps vary widely in terms of development cost. We surveyed some of the leading mobile app development companies on the cost to develop a mobile app, and found that the median cost range is between £15,000 and £30,000, but could climb up to £50,000 or higher. The best way to find out where your app will fall in that range is to obtain price quotes from several development companies; however, we’ve included each cost component in our survey below to provide an understanding of what some of the largest cost drivers are.

Below is an image of the latest results from the top app companies in UK on their costing estimates

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